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Welcome to Google My Business Specialists, your agency partner keeping you on Google’s global map when it matters the most. Your business’s online presence is extremely important as many customers turn online when searching for a product or service. Our Google My Business management services will assist you in growing your online presence, improving your listing engagement and dominate brand search results! 

Google Search Results


Google Search Results Pages, also known as SERPs are the pages shown by search engines in response to a users search query. The key component of a SERP is listing results that are as relevant as possible to specific keywords. Google Search Results Pages can show many components including Google My Business listings.

If your business is not listed on Google, users will not find you. Contact us for more information on our prices today!


Google Maps


Google Maps is a mapping service provided to users in order to find more information on local businesses. This information could include directions, contact details, business hours and more. One of the key advantages of a Google My Business listing is the ability to show up on Google Maps results either when a user is searching for your brand or a generic service or product they are interested in purchasing.

Be there for your potential customers when it matters the most.

Google 3-pack


Google 3-pack is designed to assist users in finding the most relevant results from searches made on Google with local intent. The added benefit of this 3-pack is that Google places this component of the SERP before organic rankings! If Google always ensures the most relevant information is at the top of the page, why would a user consider scrolling further?

In order to appear on Google’s 3-pack, you will need a Google My Business listing that is correctly optimized.


Google My Business

Providing Local Search Results

Google My Business is one of the most important tools for your local SEO. Why is Google My Business so valuable for local businesses? One of the biggest attributes that having your listing on Google provides is offering your business with a platform to provide consistent information online as well as reach out and engage with potential customers. 

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